Profile: Global Link, Inc. Is an international business liaison firm located in Marina del Rey, California. The company specializes in providing architectural consulting, market research, public relation services in areas ranging from housing development, building products, interior and landscape design trends, import-export and real estate investment as well as promotion of international exhibitions. Founded in 1975 Global Link is recognized for its unique ability to create and maintain a two-way communication between companies on both sides of the Pacific as well as around the world.
Noriko Yamamoto is both Founder and President. Born in Japan, she is a graduate of USC with a degree in International Trade and Economics. Ms. Yamamoto's firm employs a staff of five and works in concert with a wide variety of specializedconsultants to meet the firm's varied client needs.
Clients: Global Link's clients include many of the major building and real estate industry leaders in Japan as well as many prominent U.S. companies and organizations.
Special Areas of Expertise: 1. Providing liaisons between Japanese and worldwide businesses in the building and real estate industries
  2. Disseminating information on the U.S., European and Asian building and real estate industries to Japanese builders, developers, manufacturers, investors and consumers
  3. Contributing articles on various aspects of the U.S., European and Asian building and real estate industries to leading Japanese media
  4. Serving as a primary source for U.S. media concerned with exploring Japanese building, inport-export and real estate investment trends
  5. Coordinating educational and promotional seminars and technical tours in both countries


Global Link, Inc.
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Tel: ( 310 ) 745 - 3277 Fax: ( 310 ) 745 - 3279